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Agendadating com

One senior nurse was struck off, but otherwise penalties were limited to a handful of junior nurses accused of, for instance, falsifying Accident and Emergency discharge times or physically and verbally abusing a dementia patient.

Only one doctor working at the trust at the time has been struck off – for fraud.

In most cases, in initial accounts of crimes, the media omit detailed descriptions of those suspected of rape, assault, and murder, given that they feel full disclosure might perpetuate harmful stereotypes of disproportionate crime rates among young minority males. At colleges, public-relations offices issue the most systematic and detailed ethnic and racial alerts about suspected campus assailants in flash e-mails to students and faculty — without much worry about whether these initial descriptions later prove accurate.

Campus authorities have apparently decided that the safety of their students and their university’s reputation for security trump political correctness — in a way that is not true for the general public.

Therefore, journalists often fabricate stories and justify their cons as necessary means to achieve their higher aims.

The falsifications range from the absurd to the existential, as we’ve seen with the editing of 911 tapes and photoshopping The media spent far more time recently obsessed with the shooting death of a gorilla who seemed to threaten a toddler than it did the Memorial Day–weekend shootings of 64 in inner-city Chicago — despite the fact that Barack Obama had been a community organizer in Chicago, and one might think his résumé The one story offered a therapeutic opportunity to lament the system’s needless execution of a gentle expression of nature; the other story led to an elemental dead-end in the attempt to explain why young African Americans in the most liberal cities of the most liberal states habitually shoot one another at rates exceeding the violence in war zones of Afghanistan — and to the complete nonchalance of most media outlets.

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As far as I know nobody has seen a fund raiser so it must be from a big donor. If a planned sale of the station — along with dozens of other TV outlets from coast-to-coast — to the Sinclair Broadcast Group wins approval from federal regulators, PHL17 may become the go-to place on your local remote for pro-government curve balls from the “Terrorism Alert Desk” and a blast of commentaries dancin’ on rhetorical hot air in support of President Trump during the run-up to the 2020 election.Experts caution that Sinclair’s ultimate plan for the Philadelphia station is a little unclear because — unlike most of the 42 stations in 33 key markets that it seeks to acquire in its pending deal to buy Tribune Media — PHL17 doesn’t currently have its own in-house-produced nightly newscast where Sinclair could plant its conservative propaganda flag.He’s also authored three full-length books and three Amazon Kindle Single e-books, including 2015’s The Bern Identity: A Search for Bernie Sanders and the New American Dream.Prior to coming to Philadelphia, he worked at New York Newsday, where he was part of a team that won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for spot news reporting.

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