Bosco wong myolie wu really dating

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His debut came in 2003 when he was offered supporting roles in modern drama Triumph in the Skies, ancient series Find The Light, and youth drama Aqua Heroes.He then starred in Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu in 2004.

It is not difficult to imagine, between words, full of regret and regret.According to the same frame and the two husband of Li Chengde, it is the slaughter of dogs coming to this world rhythm: little angel a kiss; give birth to you than a big love in the mother, give you full of spoiled.Subsequently, the micro-blog has also been a lot of star big coffee forwarding and blessing comments.You know, it'll be good if we share similar views on family and life, and all of that.Yes, I think they're great options (laughs), but I think it's better if I look for guys who are not in the entertainment industry.

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Right after high school graduation(Form 7) Bosco auditioned at TVB in 1999 at age 19.

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