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This report profiles 17 Syrian women, now refugees from their country, which continues to be ravaged by conflict.

Their experiences reflect the various roles that women, particularly those opposed to the government or living in areas that came under government attack, have taken on as political activists, caregivers, humanitarians, and providers, as well as the particular ways in which the conflict impacts women.

©2014 Samer Muscati/Human Rights Watch Maha, 28, was an elementary school English teacher in Aleppo when uprisings began in Syria in March 2011.

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A seven-year-old Aleppo girl who tweets about day-to-day life in her hometown has said "bye" in what she said was her "last message — under heavy bombardments", as the Syrian Army seizes the key district from rebels.

Bana Alabed, who tweets from the warzone with the help of her mother Fatemah, said she "can't be alive anymore".

Now his chief concern was the military service he'd have to do on the completion of his studies; like many he was studying, at least in part, to postpone the call up. 'One young man I know from Homs, who's also studying hard, was talking to a lovely woman on the Syrian coast on Facebook and Viber for many months with a view to marriage, but her father refused even to entertain the idea because he had no job.

Even before they'd got around to meeting, meet, the relationship fizzled,' he said.'People like who were born in the late 1980's or early 1990's', she's concluded, 'are a lost generation.

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Fear of his enemies was the primary reason for Bashar Assad's call for help to Moscow.