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Consolidating democracy in ghana

As part of a broader civil society, the Christian Council, in spite of its financial challenges, has played a democracy-supporting role of fighting authoritarianism and contributing to the nurturing of democracy in Ghana when it was attained.

So, what is the Christian Council of Ghana’s mission?

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The Africa continent is rife with deep scares of undemocratic changes in government since the attainment of political independence by most Sub-Saharan African countries.

The result of Ghana's last presidential election in 2008, however, reminded one of the 2000 Bush/Al Gore election in the US.

John Atta Mills won with 50.23 per cent of the vote, against 49.77 per cent for Nana Akufo-Addo.

This paper argues that Ghana’s own political history and the electoral machinery continue to play a role in the steps taken towards effective political system based on democratic principles.

Regarded by both local and external observers as one of the most stable countries in Africa, with bright prospects for socio-economic improvement, Ghana’s is now seen as one of the most promising democratic experiments in Africa.

Electoral violence has therefore partly soiled the democratic success story of the continent, sometimes creating the impression that the practise of democracy is not the best for Africa.These are the critical issues that the paper seeks to address using a qualitative research approach that largely thrives on secondary sources of information and views gleaned from interviews with persons associated with the Christian Council The Church; Christian council; Ghana; Democratic consolidation; Maturity; Authoritarianism; Civil society Ghanaians are regarded as notoriously “churchical” and church activities are organized and attended by many Ghanaians almost every day of the weak.A survey conducted by the Ghana Evangelism Committee on religions in Ghana in 2008 show that 62% of Ghanaians are church-goers.Some of the nations that populated the western part of the Gulf of Guinea once had political institutions of a democratic nature.If the death of Ghana's President John Atta Mills on July 24 has not generated any political drama, it is perhaps because, unlike its neighbours, Ghana consolidated its democratic institutions after its independence in 1957 by linking them to its institutional habits and customs.

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What specific role has the Council played in fighting authoritarian regimes since independence?