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Manor will generally pack ship non-fragile items fitting safely in a flat-rate shipping box in-house.

Shipments outside this criteria will be handled by our local 3rd party partner.

So, here it is, the latest and greatest table: This table replaces the "Figure 2" in the article.

Style Num Date0Download the Annex 1 to the Style Number Dating paper in PDF format.

The Style Number Dating Table has been extended back as far as it will go, which seems to be 1925.

Last year this table was incorporated into the Online Style Number Tool and the Windows software version 4.0, but the table itself wasn't published.

Depending on size and value, domestic shipments are sent via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS.

Benrus watch (lady said it was a 7 jewel from the 1940's and it will not wind either but I can also change the time on this one). katie They look like they probably are both from the 40s and the forum rules prohibit value discussion on these boards, but you can post the on the "What's it's worth" board for a fee to get them appraised if you like.

Women's watches are rarely if ever worth more than the value of their case materials, I'm afraid.

Not funny “haha,” but rather funny “hmm, I see." The peaks and valleys in prices of wristwatches sold a generation ago are related to many things – certainly the macro-level economy as a whole, how the brand / watch is perceived today, and how certain aspects play into collecting trends of the day.

In this list, we’ll taken you through ten watches that we think should be selling for more money than they are, and we’ll tell you why. There is a whole sect of collectors out there that go for nothing but true military-issued timepieces. Well, they were A) never issued to civilians, which, in theory, should make them rather rare.

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Manor personally knows its 3rd party provider and they provide excellent professional packing and shipping service for Manor's customers.

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