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” Those were the words of NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock as Texas A&M phenom Myles Garrett crossed the finish line of the 40-yard dash in a staggering 4.64 seconds on Sunday, putting a bow on the show that most scouts expected he’d put on here at Lucas Oil Stadium. If Cleveland takes Garrett first overall, he’ll be the third edge rusher in the past 15 years to top the draft.And that run by Garrett, who weighs 272 pounds, only punctuated what everyone knew when we arrived in Indy: Garrett is the odds-on favorite to go first overall. Here’s how he stacks up, athletically, against the other two.Emily organizes a day on a yacht so that Somaya and Chrissy can work out their differences.When Somaya confronts Chrissy about the track Chrissy savages Somaya's rapping skills.

So tired of these fake men who think just cause they have $$$$ they're happy. Everything goes sideways when Maurice joins the fray and calls Chrissy 'trifling'! Somaya lays into Olivia for sparking the fight between Jim & Maurice 18 April 2011Chrissy decides she's going to propose to Jim and comes up with a sexy way to do it. Chrissy has second thoughts about her elaborate proposal. Somaya slams Olivia online; Olivia's manager vows revenge Jim is reluctant to plan a future with Chrissy.11 April 2011Emily visits Mashonda at the run-down house she shared with ex-husband Swizz Beats. 25 April 2011Chrissy proposes to Jim, he says "I'm with you"; Momma Jones is mad about the secret news. Emily seriously contemplates her relationship after a new Fab rumor emerges. Chrissy tries to mend ways with Momma Jones but it goes sour.Chrissy and Emily go to see Somaya perform at Love Jones. Chrissy tells Jim that Somaya needs to practice and advises against working with her; Jim agrees.When Somaya brings her track back to Jim, he tells her doesn't have the time to work with her. Somaya turns to Emily to find out if Chrissy was behind Jim's backing out.

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