Gl legacy serial number dating

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Gl legacy serial number dating

In April of 1980, Fender and Fullerton started a new company, G&L Music Products (G&L for George & Leo), to continue producing Leo Fender's ongoing design ideas and models.As Fender once again handled R&D in his office/workshop, George Fullerton maintained production management and Dale Hyatt, Leo Fender's partner and Vice President of G&L Music Sales was in charge of administrative management and sales.You should be able to see it looking through sound hole (actual stamp not label). They were discontinued in '98, and it's tough to tell the exact year. The neck has dot mother of pearl and 12th fret winged inlay with abalone head stock inlay. Bad Poppa said it is a "Herringbone Professional" (Glenbrooke). There are no serialized records so we cannot be more precise.I've seen handwritten labels inside showing the date they were "adjusted" by STL Music bfore being sent out to retailers. I am FAR from an expert on Alvarez, but I did do a google image search simply because I am not familiar with this model, and it seems as though they made both sapele/mahogany and rosewood b/s of this model. Most serial numbers I see from them start with numbers though. In looking at the one label site.looks like the 1979 paper label inside.. Louis Music to see if they might be able to give you some info they are/were Alvarez I believe. Emperor Year 1970 Showa 45 1971 46 1972 47 1973 48 1974 49 1975 50 1976 51 1977 52 1978 53 1979 54 1980 55 1981 56 1982 57 1983 58 1984 59 1985 60 1986 61 1987 62 1988 63 1989 Heisa 1 1990 2 1991 3 1992 4 1993 5 1994 6 1995 7 1996 8 1997 9 1998 10 1999 11 2000 12 End of Emperor Date Code __________________ - Mike ________________________________________ 2013 Cole Clark Angel AN2A3BB 2009 Taylor 716CE Spring LTD 2004 Taylor 614CE 2008 Taylor Solid Body (Standard SB2) 2007 Taylor Solid Body (Classic SB1) 1999 Fender Am STD Hardtail Strat KHR You can try contacing St. It has a solid spruce top with laminate rosewood back & sides. Regards, I contacted Alvarez directly with info on My 6 string 5043 and 12 string 5021, they said they can only estimate, and records then 70's were not kept.If guitars are in your blood – really in your blood – you can’t walk away from them.

According to one dating method I found 600807 should be July 1985. Their website is the info below with a grain of salt because there is conflicting info. So the best they could tell me was my guitars were made somewhere between 1974, and 1978. There’s no point in cataloging Leo Fender’s contributions here. Certainly, no brand is more recognizable than Fender.However, there are other names on the musical landscape that are not so obviously the children of Leo Fender, as represented here by this ’81 G&L F-100-I.They are built at the same facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California that produced the early Music Man instruments.G&L instruments are not widely distributed but are highly regarded by many musicians and collectors.

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The relatively small scale of production further allows for more custom options that are not possible on larger production lines.