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How to stop updating intellisense

You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. There are many pages where Visual Studio 2010 will hang for some time with the message "Updating JScript Intellisense".I've got nested ng-repeats and ng-includes and want to remove an item from an arbitrary level of nesting....I am trying to detect scroll canvas from touchmove event its working fine on all except safari browser, In safari page Y, screen Y coordinates of touchmove event are not properly working. I have an Angular app which represents data from Rest API.SQL Server 2012 Books Online outlines a variety of other potential issues in the topic Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio).

Another is where the completion list appears, but it does not contain the object(s) you're trying to use.In my app I'm using a factory that holds all the functions, and let the controllers use them. This extension for Visual Studio provides unsurpassed code documentation comment generation and updating, smart word wrapping of text within comments, live typing aids to make editing comments much easier, tools to quickly convert legacy documentation to new formats, a command to instantly align code (such as assignments, parameters and tabular data) into columns, and several handy outlining, code generation and clipboard commands.Many programmers write 'self documenting' code, where clear and descriptive naming conventions make it easier to understand code quickly.Documentation comments take this a step further by summarising that information in a single place rather than having to read through often quite complex source code.

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There are just three problems: Atomineer Pro Documentation doesn't simply regurgitate the name of a code element with basic word re-ordering.