Mad max dating my daughter

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Mad max dating my daughter

The scene where the five “Wives” emerge from the truck, wearing garments that Victoria’s Secret might find a tad scanty, is standard fare for your typical blockbuster where girls are served up as delectable hors d’oeuvres.

But the joke is on the salivating guys as the young women use everything – including a defiantly flaunted pregnant belly – to thwart their pursuers.

There are a precious few women like her in movies: strong, powerful, smart, and defender of those that need defending.

The small handful of movies featuring women like Furiosa aren't currently available on the big screen. Instead of stirring our hearts with a scene showing Immortan Joe raping one of his wives, the movie implies, rather than overtly displays, violence and subjugation of women. If my daughter were to base her ideas of being an older woman on Hollywood movies she'd pretty much need to use her imagination or plan to be a only a grandmother or one of those weirdly sexually inappropriate old ladies who writers stick in comedies.

But after seeing it with my husband, I changed my mind.

I realized that seeing the movie was a great idea for a nine-year-old girl — and not just to spit in the eyes of the Men's Right Activists who are whining about it being a movie "with too many girls that weren’t there for f*cking." I wanted her to see it because it kicks ass, and that ass-kicking is done by a huge variety of women, plus these six other reasons:1. Charlize Theron's character of Imperator Furiosa is one of the most amazing women I've seen on screen, ever.

Theron spends most of the film behind the wheel of the War Rig – half truck, half belching black dragon – pursued by a posse of testosterone-fuelled crazies.

To be more precise, Miller called it “a revisit” as it helped relaunch the post-apocalyptic world first envisioned by himself. Health Ledger was originally courted to play Max During an interview with The Daily Beast, Miller revealed that Australian actor Heath Ledger was originally courted for the role of Max.Furiosa is also rescuing women; she is determined to take these women from the horror of sexual slavery and offer them freedom. It was implied off-screen and obtusely enough that my daughter and I were able to discuss it in a way that didn’t frighten or overwhelm her. For the first time, my daughter was able to see women her grandmother's age and older being vital and alive, and shooting down the bad guys (while on motorcycles, no less).Brutality against girls and women is a real thing that happens every day and she needs to be aware of it. It was a powerful statement that I know will stay in her mind.4.A male character is an ally, not a romantic interest.Mad Max's character evolves from prisoner of Immortal Joe, to a threat to Furiosa and the other women, to eventually becoming a supporter. My daughter has a passion for effects and movie making, and she's only seen movies that are jampacked with CGI.

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