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When Robyn was 12 she recorded the theme song for a popular Swedish television show after being spotted by Swedish pop star Meja during a music workshop done at her schoo.

Meja was blown away by Robyn and convinced her label Ricochet Records to sign her straight away.

By sixteen Robyn had broken into the mainstream pop industry and signed a deal with RCA Records to release her first album.

She did well in Sweden with her first record You’ve Got That Somethin’, and shortly after that burst onto the American pop scene with her hit “Show Me Love” off the album Robyn is Here.

"I think the third record I made was a big compromise," she says. Once you make the record and you give it to the record company, it's not your record anymore! Upon returning, she stumbled across a new CD by a mysterious local brother-sister duo.

Shellshocked by the lack of artistic control offered by her label, however, Robyn migrated to a sister company for her third album, but felt disillusioned by their attempt to ship her to America to be shoehorned into the pre-fabricated boy-toy template that was depressingly omnipotent in 2002. I wasn't doing what I wanted to." In 2003, Robyn returned home, defeated, to Stockholm.

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This post was submitted by Zack Rosen I think you can tell a lot about an artist by how they choose to be interviewed. House music, the techno scene, even hip-hop was dance music when I got into it for the first time.

While some leave their sunglasses on indoors and intimidate you with their management, others will simply sit on the ground in the alley behind the 930 club, smoking a cigarette and having a chat. Never mind that she filled said club to the gills with excited homos just hours later, that her album and its inescapable single Dancing on My Own have ruled the summer, and that she’s worked with Swedish(ish) producers Kleerup and Royksopp and given them indelible singles in, respectively, “ “With Every Heartbeat“ and ” The Girl and The Robot.” On the eve of and a select few remaining US shows, Robyn was nice enough to answer my questions about dancing, bodies, gay music and so much more. For me dance music has always been pretty serious, especially in Europe.

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I suspect the OP is referring to the fact that the song's lyrics are about a girl telling a guy to call his girlfriend and break up with her, letting her down easy - but she performs the song with dance-eriffic choreography - up and poppy, in contrast to the lyric's topics... She's an electropop/dance artist -- her primary musical style is upbeat and danceable.

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