Updating firmware on samsung tv

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Updating firmware on samsung tv

I have a UN46F5500AG with v1118 that finds no new firmware neither via OTA nor via my country's Samsung's website. I want to stay on the USA region and update the firmware. If I stay in the original Argentina region, the firmware update shows "1117" as a new version available. Would it brick if I update while on the USA version?

On the US site I found 1122.2 which fixes many of the problems I'm having, and the listed model is UN46F5500AFXZA. Meanwhile, on the USA region, the latest firmware available is 14". What would happen if I upgrade to the 1117 Argentina version and then switch back to the USA HUB; would it still work?

Anyway it's probably safer to follow Samsung's advice and update with original country set.

When I launch spotify I get an error message "The device firmware does not support this application.

Hi, i am trying to update my Samsung smart TV SW, but so far all methods have failed. Current version installed on TV = "T-GAS6DEUC-1001.3".

I've tried searching for this in Google and over here at the forums, but found no answers on the matter. I have a non-working Netflix and I need to update the firmware but I don't know if I should do it: - From 1113 to 1117 with the original Smart Hub Country (Argentina) - From 1113 to 1114 with the modified Smart Hub Country (United States) Please let me know.

Would you please let me know how I should upgrade, and if the 1114/1117 versions hinder the possibilities to root/Samy Go Extensions further down the road? Thanks Nobody here will encourage you to upgrade firmware and I'm not sure anybody has a categorical answer to your question.

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I noticed there's been newer firmware and I want to update to latest. However first time I got this device that was how I updated the firmware and worked like a charm. Both different sizes and followed the "How to Install the Product Update" from the WD Product Update page. I tried a reset and that doesnt do anything either.

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  1. I have the same problem, I installed Diablo 3 last night and managed to play the game, but when I tried today I got that same message as "pokeypierce" "An unexpected Error has occurred while updating required files. I don't have peer guardian installed and neither is File Vault on... when i try to log in it gets stuck at the "connecting to battle net servers" and then kicks me out saying the unexpected error. ive submitted a ticket along with my system profiler and still havent got a response or solution yet.