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Updating passport with new name

This policy replaces the Department’s old policy, which required documentation of sex reassignment surgery.In January 2011, the State Department made further improvements to its new policy.With the Deed Poll, you can subsequently approach the Embassy/ICA for update of change of name in your Passport (: The Birth Register cannot be amended via Deed Poll).Together with the above documentation, the applicant will have to submit a new passport application to ICA through the Embassy. Your request will then be forwarded to Singapore for processing. However, your new passport will be credited with extra time (up to nine months) towards the unexpired time on your current passport. This means your current passport will be cancelled.This information was prepared as a public service of the State of Georgia to provide general information, not to advise on any specific legal problem.It is not, and cannot be construed to be, legal advice.

After the court approves your request, you'll then need to update your Social Security card, driver's license, and passport. So if your name changes you need to get your passport reissued in your new name. Answers to other FAQs Introduction A woman's rights upon marriage A man's rights upon marriage A couple's rights upon a civil partnership A woman's rights upon separation A woman's rights upon divorce A woman's rights upon being widowed A child's rights upon adoption Adding a middle name Advice for transsexuals An alternative to marriage A unique gift The name on your passport should always match your legal name.This depends on the circumstances of your child's name change.If both you and the other parent live in the state and you both agree to the name change, then after 30 days, the court generally grants the change.

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If, however, the other parent lives out of state and must be informed of the petition by mail or by the local newspaper in that area, the court will consider the name change only after 60 days have passed.