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I love a good travel deal, but we keep seeing news features of people getting robbed (or worse) as tourists venture off the beaten path.

You are giving would be burglars all the info they need. It’s hard to believe the security staff was let off for the night at the Paris hotel where Kim was staying.

I have to admit, I keep up with Kardashians (sorry, President Obama! Whatever the reason, I think she has actually used her celebrity status to shine the spotlight on several small businesses and help them grow. Sure, the rich and the famous were all there, adorned in fabulous jewelry, dripping with designer labels (black or white only here, folks), enjoying an amazing venue and wonderful food, and chatting each other up about how beautiful the bride was and how amazing the cake looked.However, if you Google the phrase "Project Free TV", the top result is a new URL, which carries a version of the website with links that work just fine.Project Free TV is a website that links to thousands of other websites hosting copies of popular TV shows so that people can watch them online for free, and it also provides TV scheduling information.PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's 10 best hairstyles Later, the reality star, 31, posted pics of her in the intact, skin-tight leather number."I'm wearing a leather Prada dress and Christian Louboutin heels.

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