Who is katie cassidy dating 2016

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Who is katie cassidy dating 2016

And bikini-clad Katie Cassidy packed on the PDA with her husband-to-be Matthew Rodgers as they hit the beach in Miami on Friday.

The 30-year-old actress showcased her toned physique in a skimpy triangle string two-piece as they soaked up the sunshine.

Psychologist Jean Twenge just wrote a piece in The Atlantic asking, “Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

” She joins us to discuss the costs and consequences of endless screen time.

I am saddened by news of the death of an old friend, Glen Campbell. Glen, in the past decade, has been suffering from the disease that killed my mother and my grandfather, Alzheimer’s/dementia. Photos from some of David’s 1985 concerts have recently been added to David’s website.

They shared a very public smooch, as the loved-up couple bobbed about in the waves.We're having so much fun, and the fact that people watch, and have so much fun watching it, it makes it all worth it. Having said that, we're definitely excited when we get through it, and we're back to our normal schedule. I don't know how we just did that, but now back to ... Twenge is an expert on what she calls “i Gen,” those born between 19.She explains the pros and cons of an all-digital world and breaks down the research on smartphones and mental health. To mark our podcast’s first anniversary, Brian and I return to Washington, D.

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Plus, how Ava made the leap from publicizing movies to directing them.

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